About Yaokiyose

Yaoki Yakiniku restaurant is one of the popular destination for “Yakiniku”or “grilled meat” at SagamiOno, Kanagawa Japan. But, Yaoki (restaurant) is not only serving the finger licking grilled meat but also playing a great role in the field of art and culture by organising the famous Japanese traditional entertainment “Rakugo” which is popularly known as Yaoki Yose.


● History of Yaoki Yose
Yaoki Yose was launched in 1986. The lady owner who is generally called as Okasan by many people wanted to provide a platform to the young Rakugo storytellers so that they can also get recognition by showcasing their skills to people and that is how the idea of Yaoki Yose was born. With this vision in mind she discussed her idea to her husband and he also agrees. The first Rakugo was organised in the Yaoki Yakiniku Restaurant on 30th August 1986. However, further dates for the Rakugo were decided as 8th, 18th and 28th of every month.
Third Monday currently even month, HachiOkoshi vaudeville at HachiOkoshi store has been held.


● Performing at Yaoki Yose
A rakugo story teller generally has to get registered or permitted by National Theatre in order to perform at the places like Ueno Suzumoto, Shinjuku, Asakusa entertainment Hall, Ikebukuro Entertainment Hall. But, Yaoki Yose is a platform for young artists to show their talent to the audience without getting registered with the National Theatre. Yaoki Yose is helping these young artists to earn their name and fame.

Yaoki Yose Club

Now regular

立川談修 瀧川鯉橋 三遊亭兼好 古今亭文菊
Danshu Tachikawa grand master Rikyo Takigawa grand master
Kenkou Sanyutei grand master Kokintei grand master
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Old regular

立川談之助師匠 春風亭鯉昇師匠 三遊亭喜八楽師匠 柳家喜多八
Dannosuke Tatekawa grand master Risyo Syunputei grand master Kyaraku Sanyutei grand master Kitahachi Yanagiya grand master
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Yoki Yose team comprises of four people and each artist is allotted a specific time for the performance. All the four artists are specialised in the different style of Rakugo and are associated with different Rakugo associations.


Entry fee

Date and time Venue Entry fee
Even month Third Monday of every even months(feb,apr,jun,aug,oct and dec) at 7:00 p.m.
※ 9 May only the fourth Monday
※ In the case of the national holiday 14 o’clock curtain
Yaoki Yakiniku restaurant(※ On the day there is no food.) 1,000円(yen)
Third Monday of every odd months Sagami Women’s University Green Hall(Multipurpose hall) Please check here for the official HP for Green Hall Yaoki vaudeville

※ If the day ticket is sold out there is that admission is refused, please pardon.
※Please check here for the official HP for Green Hall Yaoki vaudeville